uod Curriculum Vitae Associate for Prof. Dr: Jassem Mohammed Abbas Mahdi

Curriculum Vitae Associate for Prof. Dr: Jassem Mohammed Abbas Mahdi

Curriculum Vitae of Assistant President of Diyala University for Scientific Affairs.

Associate Prof. Dr: Jassem Mohammed Abbas Mahdi Al - Shammari.




General Information: Name: Associate Prof. Dr:. Jassem Mohammed Abbas Mahdi Al - Shammari

Scientific title: Associate Prof.

Address: Assistant President for Scientific Affairs

And teaching in the Department of Civil Engineering / Faculty of Engineering / University of Diyala

Place and date of birth: Baghdad 1977

Current Address: Iraq - Diyala - Role of professors of the Faculty of Engineering - Intersection of Jerusalem

The phone: 07816848791

Email: asimalshamary@yahoo.com



2 - Academic achievement:


B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Nahrain University, 1999

Master of Civil Engineering, Nahrain University, 2002

PhD in Civil Engineering, National University of Malaysia, 2010


3. Membership

Member of the Engineers Syndicate since 1999

Member of the Iraqi Association for Soil Engineering and Foundations 2018


4. Languages ​​and computer programs

English (reading, writing and speaking very well)

Many general and specialized computer programs



5 - Honors


  • Honored in the day of science by His Excellency the Minister for the year 2011 on the publication of research in international scientific journals.
  • Honored in the day of science by His Excellency the Minister for the year 2012 on the publication of research in international scientific journals.
  • Honored in the day of science by the Minister's assistant for the year 2013 on participating in the preparation of a scientific book of engineering specialties.
  • Honored by the President of the University for obtaining the International Classification of International Universities as a member of the Special Committee.
  • Other honors by the President of the University, the assistants and some deans of the faculties of many scientific and advisory activities.


6-Administrative responsibilities and other additional activities

  • Director of the Internet Division of the Faculty of Engineering during 2003
  • Computer Engineering Department
  • Resident Engineer for the construction project of the Faculty of Physical Education 2004.
  • Resident Engineer for the Faculty of Medicine project 2005.
  • Assistant Director of Research and Development during 2011.
  • Director of studies, planning and follow-up from the date of 2011.
  • Director of Scholarships and Cultural Relations Department 2012.
  • Director of Research and Development, 2014.
  • Secretary of the University Council 2015-2016.
  • Director of Research and Development Department 2016-2017.
  • Associate Dean, College of Engineering 2017-2018
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Computer Center at the University Presidency 2018
  • Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Center for Continuing Education
  • Chairman, Innovation Committee and Research Evaluation Committee 2018


7. Other additional activities:

  1. Presenting many studies related to the development of the scientific aspects in the university. The most important is the study of the development of the scientific university reality and the strategy of Diyala University to develop the scientific side and the headquarters of the university council in addition to other general and specialized studies that are in the best interest of the university work (2011-2015).
  2. Participation in seminars and workshops organized by the Ministry of Planning (Planning Division of Diyala) on regional planning in all sectors, especially the education sector and the sectors of infrastructure and housing in consultative with the Ministry of Planning and vice versa at the University of Diyala 2012.
  3. Participation in joint conferences between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Planning with the German side on strategic planning and spatial planning as a member of the association with the German side 2012 and 2013.
  4. General Registrar of the Iraqi Virtual Scientific Library at Diyala University since 2010 and held seminars and workshops for the Iraqi Virtual Virtual Library.
  5. Holding seminars on the planning process and standards within and outside the university, including the symposium, which was sponsored by Diyala province on the planning strategy in Diyala, which was established by Diyala Planning Division 2012.
  6. Holding seminars and workshops on the process of developing scientific research at the university, which are many at the university level as well as were at the level of colleges directly invited by colleges 2011 -2015.
  7. Member of the Board of Directors of the Spatial Research Unit for two sessions 2014.
  8. Member of the Board of Directors of Engineering Advisory Office for two sessions 2012.
  9. Presidency and membership of specialized scientific committees, including a committee examined the possibility of opening the Planning Department and the College of Planning at the University and other committees in particular to develop the work of the scientific side of the University 2014
  10. Chairman of the Committee for the reconciliation between public and private universities in the province 2016.
  11. Member of the examination committee for the scientific probation exam 2016.
  12. Member of the Central Committee of the University to enter the university in the international classifications 2015.
  13. General Coordinator of the Plagiarism Program (TURINTIN) 2015
  14. Presenting many proposals for the development of scientific journals at the University 2014.
  15. Member of the Ministerial Committee to supervise the incubator project 2015.
  16. Member of the Evaluation Committee for Research in International Journals 2015.
  17. Member of the Evaluation Committee of the University's Research Schools 2015.
  18. Member of the committee to prepare the electronic correction study 2016.
  19. Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the activities of the faculties 2016.
  20. Member of the Self-Assessment Committee of the University Formations 2015.
  21. Member of the committee of conducting the university calendar exam 2015.
  22. Member of Scientific Committee, Civil Engineering Department, 2015.
  23. Member of the Central Committee of the Faculty of Engineering to develop the scientific research aspect at all levels 2014.
  24. In addition to many administrative committees as chair or membership of many investigative committees and the presidency or membership of many other administrative committees for the work of the university 2010-2016.
  25. Member of the committee to submit the first professor form on the college and the department and the university 2015.
  26. It is commissioned by the University to submit a postgraduate study at the University 2015.
  27. It is commissioned by the university to submit proposals on the promotion of letters and dates 2015.
  28. It is commissioned by the University to submit a study to ensure discussions on letters and dates 2015
  29. Presentation of a study on the achievements of the University of Diyala Fact Figures 2016
  30. Study of the possibility of implementing smart technologies in the development of sectors 2017.
  31. Scopas data analysis project directly and 2017. And other projects .


8. Courses

  1. Specialized courses on research methodology as well as writing in advanced programs and courses in international publishing 2007-2009 (Malaysia)
  2. A course for future planning in the field of education and the outputs of education and its suitability to the requirements of the labor market 2012 (United Arab Emirates)
  3. Specialized Courses in Planning 2011 (Erbil)
  4. A course in the development of the planning work in the universities in 2011 (Germany)
  5. Other specialized courses in administration (Diyala University)
  6. Course in modern administration / University of Diyala 2016.


6- Engineering consultancy and experience in the field of supervision and planning


  1. A member of a working team to supervise the project of preparing the Diyala Diyala Development Code with the Ministry of Planning, where the supervision lasted for one year with a specialized team from the ministry branch in Diyala Governorate. At the end of the project, recommendations were given about Diyala's plan for the coming years. Of financial specialties and other factors to be provided during the preparation of any plan.
  2. He is a member of many work teams for the design of some of the university buildings including the buildings of the Faculty of Medicine, the College of Education for Pure Sciences, the Faculty of Physical Education and the residential apartments in the Faculty of Engineering and others between 2003 and 2004.
  3. Chairman of the Committee for the implementation of the project of the Faculty of Physical Education since 2002 until the work stopped in the beginning of 2005, where this project includes the implementation of the building of the Deanship of Physical Education Faculty and classrooms and some other accessories of the Faculty of Physical Education.
  4. Head of the Resident Engineer Department for the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine, which included three projects, namely the Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine project and the establishment of the first and second scientific sections and the establishment of the third scientific section.
  5. Membership of several committees in the engineering department at the university includes the development of plans, committees of assignment and opening, follow-up committees, inspection committees and others.
  6. Supervising the construction project of the evacuated houses with the advisory office of the Engineers Syndicate, during which the recommendation was made to accept the implementation of these shelters or not and to give the necessary recommendations to the beneficiary, which is united by the United Nations.
  7. Head of the work team and member of the task forces in overseeing the implementation of three large projects belonging to the Ministry of Housing, which are the majority housing project and housing project Al-Razi and housing project.
  8. Supervising the implementation of the Central Library Project and the Great Hall at the University of Diyala.
  9. Supervising a large number of soil testing projects for various projects ranging from regular buildings to bridges and dams, including Diyala bridge and buildings belonging to the Ministry of Interior in terms of giving recommendations on the types of foundations and design of foundations.



10. Activities in scientific publishing and participation in scientific conferences


Author (s): 1) The book of Engineering Mathematics with ADD Abdulla Kazem / Diyala University)


Number of postgraduate students: 5 (in the field of civil engineering)


          Member of the editorial boards of international journals: 3 each Journal of 

         Construction and Building Material


         Journal on Structural Engineering (JSTE) American Association for

         Science and Technology (AASCIT)


         A scientific evaluator in many local and international magazines and

         according to what is installed in the world (Publons) and according to

         the link: https://publons.com/author/996029/jasim-m-abbas#profile)

         the name (Jasim M abbas).


Information from scientific research sites

(H index - google scholar = 5)

(H index - Scopus = 4)

The personal site on (Scopus) is (Author ID: 24385207400)

The personal website (ORC ID) is (orcid.org/0000-0002-3157-0351)

Publication of many scientific researches in local magazines and international journals as well as publication in magazines with global influence laboratories from ISI.


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